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Life takes some interesting twists and turns in my latest adventure, highlighted in BOARD STIFF. And I get a peek into my future as I wade through...Read More

Oh, My...

I suppose one has to be at the bottom at times in order to see the top and I think I'm there. But things take a very interesting turn in my next...Read More

Will I Get Lucky?

With Hurley, that is. Rumor has it that things get pretty heated between me and Hurley in LUCKY STIFF and it has nothing to do with the house...Read More

Hoover the dog shares his views on life

1.  Cats are fun to chase....but to catch? Not so much.

2.  I never met a smell I didn't like.

3.  Dog is God spelled backward.

4.  To dogs, every day is hump day.

5.  To err is human, to forgive canine.

6.  You want to cut off my what?!

7.  Admit it, you wish you could lick your crotch, too.

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